Environmentalists all around the world have been drilling the ‘save the world’ campaign for years now. But in all honest who has been listening??
Malcolm Gladwell refers to the ‘Stickness Factor’ in his book, The Tipping Point, and frankly ‘save the world’ just aint sticky enough. Yeah, the phrase may grab a minority of the populations attention but even so its really not enough to actually save the world. So what can environmentalists do to get the message engraved in peoples minds and hearts? They refer to marketers to do what they do best.

( This is what I love about marketing, marketing can be applied to almost anything! )
So how can marketing change the world and make it a better place for future generations? Well worldwide there have been campaigns, visions, missions, etc etc. But I’m going to highlight a few clever tactics that marketers use that will give you an idea of how marketing is used to save the world.

First you need to acknowledge that ‘save the world’ is nothing more than another product/idea/service with content that needs to be marketed to a specific target market-only in this case the market is everyone. So marketer have segmented their marketing tactics for a specific group of people for eg. Students – marketing via social networking, Corporate workers- marketing via team effort and incentives..so you catch my drift, same message just a different method that will be understood by that audience.

Next, research has shown that in order to grab the attention of the market what seems to be working is the fear factor. Environmental campaigns have now started stating facts about the effects of global warming,pollution, carbon footprint etc etc. These facts often scare people as it generally tells of a bleak and diminishing future, hence people are then motivated to preserve what they currently have and make the effort to recycle, reduce carbon footprints and also influence the people in their social circle.

Lastly, marketers have used the age old classic tactic-celebrities. Celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood or even just the locals have been used in campaigns in the hope to influence their fans into saving the world.

There are many other tactics marketers have used and are using to promote saving the world and going green. Have you come across any unusual and clever campaigns recently? If you have please tell us about it, we’d love to hear what other are doing out there.

I’m not perfect, but I do do my little bit to help save the environment and you should to. Start small, even if its just switching of the light if you not in the room or recycling your old tin cans ..its the little bit that adds up to a better tomorrow.

Go Green!

Save the World!